Earth Breeze 3D Illustrations

Client: We Are Seventeen for Earth Breeze

Pack artwork for Earth Breeze laundry sheets. 

A nice new 3D illustration for the Earth Breeze pack. I simulated the water splash to begin with, and then sculpted and adjusted it to make the water look super dynamic. The sheet texture was developed from reference photos. I then lit and rendered the whole thing before compositing it all in Photoshop. The client decided they would like a Sea Turtle on the pack as well so I developed a friendly-looking character turtle from a purchased 3D asset. This involved a ton of sculpting, modeling and posing, as well as painting entirely new textures for the shell and skin etc.  

Houdini was used for the water simulation, Cinema 4D for sculpting, texturing and lighting, along with Redshift Render. The turtle textures were painted with a combination of Photoshop and Substance Painter. Finally, the whole thing was comped in Photoshop and mockups versions made in Illustrator. 

The finished character turtle with completely re-painted textures.
Houdini wireframe of the splash simulation
Painting in the new textures for the turtle - with new displacement textures for the fins. 
The inital 3D turtle asset before it was finessed (a lot).
Inital turtle rig and model in Cinema 4D