Manfrotto Logo Resolve & Product Renders

Client: Manfrotto / Vitec

Resolve explorations for a classic logo and some pretty renders. 

I helped Manfrotto out with some logo animation exploration. The goal was to keep it simple and snappy, and I opted to centre the animation around the tripod icon. I did dozens of different options, a few of which you can see here. 

Along with the logo I also did some product renders for the FAST tripod series. This included creating a photoreal carbon fibre material in Redshift - not an easy thing to do!  

Product renders were taken from CAD models and textured/animated in Cinema 4D. For the logo, some of the more 3D variations were done with Cinema 4D but the majority are After Effects. 

Exploration with a more 3D look.
More logo resolve explorations. 
Tripod product renders for Manfrotto website
Exploded product render animation of replaceable tripod parts.
Product renders in use on the Manfrotto website.